Strongarm and the Bullies - Drive On

Rebellion Records - LP -

1315_satb_do.jpgAfter19 (!!!) years came this band from South California with brand new full album. In line up are just two original members (singer Eric and guitarist Jared) plus Caleb on guitar, girl Chalon on bass (Toughskins, Bedlam Knives) and drummer Chris (Voodoo Glow Skulls, Autorithy Zero). On album you may check 12 new songs of perfect streetrock with faster tunes (Shit Show, Sail Away), melancholic ones (blues pieces My Disease, or the beginning of White Crosses which came later into standard rhythm), r´n´r stuff (Fame and Fortune, Sinner of Saint, Red, White and Blue) and in the last song Honor Among Outcasts (which is one of the best pieces from the LP and which is about the fact that we don´t need your plastic smiles, credit cards and houses because it is all fake) you will hear Twisted Sister and their We're Not Gonna Take It. Interesting is the fact that the band built their own studio for recording. Cover is done by Johan Prenger (wolves on the front side of the album) and Ramon (who is responsible for the iron fist and the rest). LP is limited to 5000 copies (250 black and 250 transparent red), inside is paper with lyrics + band photos. This has really great drive!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.02.2024

Concrete Elite/Ultra Razzia - split

Rebellion Records/Warthog - LP -

1314_ce_ur.jpgSplit Ep from two bands which came across the pond – Concrete Elite from Texas which are cooperating with Rebellion for such a long time and Montreal based Ultra Razzia with Prowlers members and which sing in French. Concrete Elite has there three songs called Cages, World of Violence and Victory at any Cost which came from 2022 studio session where band record stuff for split with Faction-S. Cages are starting with nice solo and it may seem that they become softer but then came refrain and you may see that this is not true. It still brutal HC/Oi! machine snd other two songs prove this especially the World of Violence. Ultra Razzia has there four songs including Razors in the Night from Blitz (in French and in softer version than original). Songs are not so hard and all are in the line of classic Oi!/streetpunk. Song titles are De Sang-Froid (In Cold Blood but I don´t know if the song is about the famous book/film), Le Séjours Des Morts (Underworld), Le Mirage and Rasoirs Dans La Nuit. Their second songg Le Séjours Des Morts is the best one for me. On title cooperates Ramon again but the original was done by the artist with nickname Grimblack. LP is limited to 500 copies (250 black and 250 ultrac lear) with lyrics, photos and A3 poster. Good one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.02.2024

Live by the Sword - Warriors of our Time

Rebellion Records - EP -

1313_lbts_woot.jpgDemo EP from LBTS which is out on Rebellion Records and it is limited to 300 copies on black wax plus woven patch with artwork from Ramon Girones contains two songs recorded in 2023 – title one Warriors of our Time and March or Die which you may know from compilation Oi! Ain´t Dead 8 Chaos in Netherland. EP has also title Demo 2023, even the sound quality is top. Drums were recorded in rehearsal room to make them more raw and hard. This single is some kind of taste before the new album and also something like tribute to streetrock roots of the band or to the bands of its members (Razorblade, Strongarm and the Bullies). On side A is the title song which starts with perfect solo and which reminds me old Razorblade. Song is faster (and before the end it gets slower but again like the phoenix from the ashes it goes faster). Lyrics are about the fact that even the band members came from different places they have many in common especially old fashioned values which they follow. March or Die is hard and heavy stuff which go straight to your mind (mainly due to the refrain) and perfect lyrics (Against rats, snakes and scene clichés!) and guitar solo at the end. Lyrics are on the backside of the cover plus photo (from Beach Beer Chaos festival). This is without mistakes and Rebellion starts the year 2024 sharply.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 30.01.2024

Firepöwer - Death Comes Quick

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music/ Grudge Match - LP -

1312_firepower.jpgFirepöwer is new Australian band from Melbourne which combines punk, oi and Aussie rnr (Firepower is album title from Judas Priest by the way) with Al from Marching Orders, Bevvyn (Corps, Black Ball) or Dan (Mob Mentality) in line up. The band plays in four but with two guitars. Together you may check 11 songs in style of Rose Tattoo, The Angels, THUG, Cock Sparrer, etc...simply high quality rock music which is not afraid to use traditional Aussie slide guitar (which is perfect in each song). There are some slower pieces like When the Axe Come Down with perfect guitar or Watchers in the Sky with piano and which sounds like from Ozzy Osbourne. Nice songs are Death Comes Quick, Death Man Walking (with nice part with changing vocalists), Into the Fire, We´re the Lowlives (nice refrain), swinging Mean Streets Run Red and blues songs like Grey Street Lizzie (in style of Sparrer´s Sunday Stripper), The Hangman and the last one Burnout Blues , where Al show the strength of his vocals. I have to say that I have to get into this album for longer time and I need more peace for the listening. Vinyl is out in black and grey version and the cover is done by Muna (perfect as usual). Inside are lyrics and photos. To Europe came just 250 copies so be quick (as death :)). You have to have mood for the listetning to this album but when you came into it, you won´t stop.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 16.01.2024

Burden - Scorched Earth

Rebellion Records - LP -

1311_burden.jpgBurden is US band from Boston and their debut single/demo was released in 2013 and next one Fate of Nation was released in 2018. Last year the band released their 1st full album on Rock´n´Roll Disgrace Records for US and on Rebellion Records for Europe. The band plays in five and members have experiences from Revilers, MFP, Mind Eraser, Obliterion or Mind Eraser. I fuckin´ like this Boston scene. Just check the bands like Hammer and Nails, Battle Ruins, Lovely Lads, Rival Mob or Tommy and the Terrors which mix HC and old and new heavy metal and which are very original. Same for Burden – no clichés lyrics… it is dark medieval times, battles, violence, scorched Earth, swords, sieges and no mercy…personal growth, honor, tradition, pride, old fasioned values or faith in yourself. Together you may check 10 songs including instrumental one called The Hour. Songs are quite long – each has more then 3 minutes. They are mainly in middle rhythm like Field of Swords, When the Night Falls Down, Thirty Year War, genial Not Enough Blood, The Siege (perfect guitar) and Scorched Earth (with acoustic guitar at the end) but also there are some faster pieces like Cities in Flames with perfect refrain – open the gates, cities in flames, Violent Generation where almost all from band sing and Foundation. There is also fully acoustic one - The Hour. In booklet are all lyrics, band photos and their logo. Perfect without doubts!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 11.01.2024