Ratzekahl - Haare Ab

DIY - CD - 34:00

1111_ratzekahl.pngHaare Ab is debut album (or better to say demo) of band called Ratzekahl which you may know under the name Grandmaster Jay and which have already released one demo called Was Soll Maximal Schief Gehen? (they´ve done couple of videos which can be found on youtube but you should have patience because Grandmaster Jay is also some kind of rapper :)). Demo is packed in DVD cover and it is limited to 50 pieces. CD looks like vinyl and it contains 12 songs in German. Even it is demo (according to the cover) the sound and especially music quality is really high and there are plenty of melodies, solos and cool singalongs and tunes. Sometimes you may hear also ska/two tone rhythm with keyboards (like in Haare Ab, Alltag – which you can check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBfWZby550Q or in So land vorbei which is completely sung by girl). Mostly (like in many other German bands) two tone rhythm is changing with the normal one. Most of the songs are in classic rhythm but you will surely find some great hits like Totalschaden with hard start and nice refrain, Von einem anderen Stern with nice vocals of the singer and with slower passages, hard one called Reise zum wahnsinn or rock´n´roll one Ich hab dich Satt. Inside the cover is just paper with short story of the band plus description of the music which take inspiration from 80´s and 90´s classics. I can´t tell you much about the lyrics instead of the last piece Ich mag das Bier. For me really great surprise which will fit into some regular album on regular format with nice booklet artwork because the band 100% worth it. I give 8/9 because of the cover but the music is perfect! If you are interested in details write them on labor101@web.de. Super!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 15.01.2018

Paris Violence - Pour le Repos de Nos Ames – In Memoriam 1914-

Shout Proud Records/Islika Produktions - EP -

1110_pv_plrdna.jpgBrand new four songs from Paris Violence were released at the end of 2017 on Shout Proud and Islika Produktions. Maxi EP I limited to 150 copies in German edition (50 with CD) and 100 copies in French edition (25 with CD). There were also 50 copies in wooden box (with CD, t-shirt and badge) plus 20 testpressings and 15 promo copies. Title can be translated like For the Peace of our Souls. EP was released as single sided LP (black) with songs on side A and figure of solider (which is also on cover of German edition) on side B. Songs were recorded by Flav but also by Yann (guitar and bass) and Manu (guitar). Whole EP is dedicated to 1st World War and in that way is done also cover which includes (instead of band photos and lyrics) photos from battlefield, medals and quotes from Remarque, emperor Wilhelm, Barbusse, (for someone controversial) Céline and Clemenceau. The cover itself is done as a sleeve. Song titles are Premiére Charge (First Charge), Le Ciel Plonge (Heaven Plunge), La Mort Couleur Garance (something like Crazy Color Death) and Tombé en 18 (Fallen in 18). We should expect again classic style of Paris Violence which means middle rhythm, keyboards and samples and especially intelligent lyrics. I really like last two songs. Fans of Paris Violence (and others also) will be pleased with that EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.01.2018

Kriegs Legion - Awaken the Iron

Greyzone Records - LP -

1109_kl_awaken.jpgSecond full album from this Detroit based machine is called Awaken the Iron and it is out on Greyzone Records on CD and LP (400 copies, 150 grey and 250 black) and it contains 12 songs including The Anti-State War Machine which you may know from the EP. Line-up is still in five but the drummer is different compared to previous releases. On A and B side are 6 songs. Musically it is still the same mixture of the harder and dirtier side of punk, thrash, rock´n´roll and hard core and lyrics are still about problems of current society which people didn´t want to see or which make people close their eyes. Album is opened with song Witch Hunt (which you may check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myKBD6oTNGw), and which is about the fact that medieval times are back and angry mobs still judging people with their truth. Then came Lobotomized by Nature (about people who lost all critical thinking but they are still influencing our lives), Stockholm Syndrome (again about people who are living like hostages of system but they didn´t care), Freedom for Whom (about freedom and the fact that you should decide who you are and what to think), Peace, Love and mass Murder (oabout religion and its dark sides) and the last on A side Old Punks, New Hate (about old punks who become cogs in wheels of the system machinery and also about the fact that we still can think and do things which we want). Side B is opened by Awaken the Iron (that is necessary to awake the animal in yourself when you want to survive the life on the streets), then came Cheering on Tyranny (about those who are protesting against all but their politics is the same), Children of the Slave (about today´s generation which lives in bubble which is made to control them better in the future), Nothing for Something (about those above who live from your blood, sweat and tears for their own success), One-Way System (about the one way direction of current system which leads into black hole and collapse) and the last one The Anti-State War Machine which you know from EP (and from the 2016 review). Sharp guitars with nice solos, faster rhythm and spit in the face to all oligarchs, tyrants and crybabies who are squealing to the system. Cover is in war topic again, inside is paper with lyrics, thankslist and photos of band members from the gigs. As good as their previous stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.12.2017

Headcase - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Greyzone Records - LP -

1108_headcase_sg.jpgAfter great album Glory Boys from 2008 came this Belgian Oi! classics with brand new (fifth) album out on Greyzone Records. I have to say that previous album was top so I was quite curious about this one. It is out on CD and LP also (300 copies, 100 white and 200 black). Together you may check 13 songs (6 on side A and 7 on side B) including cover Das Model from Kraftwerk, which is quite unusual choice for Oi! band but why not. Title melody from original is played on guitar for sure and not on synths. I think it is not necessary to introduce Headcase to you because you may know them also from some gigs here in CZ. Also their line up is almost similar as line up of The Pride. The band is playing melodic but just right hard Oi! Great songs on first side are Wake Up (about grey days which are repeating) and the title one (quite nostalgic) Satisfaction Guaranteed with nice refrain about runnin´ riots on Friday nights. You can check it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxEwvP3T0Rc. Both songs has great bass and guitar line. The next one Remembering the Days has quite similar lyrics (about meetings on Friday and going downtown which are the things you should not forget). From side B I really like Legacy (about the fact that you can become ruin even you were on top), dark one Troubled Streets (about the part of the city which change), anthem Hard as Nails (about skins who aren´t changing their ways) and Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams (which is nostalgic again and it is about memories on growing up and first kicks from life). There is also one instrumental song called Empty Threat. Lyrics and thankslist are on the back cover, inside is no paper with photos and info. I think this is last album of the band so that´s why there are nostalgic songs and I will put more effort into the graphics. I really like the album but it need more hearings then one to let the songs go under your skin.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.12.2017

FAVL - Prigioniero

Mohican Tunes Records - CD -

1107_FAVL_prig.pngPrigioniero (Prisoner) is second full album from this Italian band from Viterbo and it will be out on tape throuhh Clockwork Punk Records, CD on Mohican Tunes Records and LP will be out also with cooperation with Steel Town Records and Oi! The Nitsche Records. On CD version is 10 songs from which Tramontato Il Sole (Sunset) is taken from four split with Bronco Army, Reconquestou and Asas da Vingaca and last one is live version of Ace of Spades from their US and Canada tour. On LP version there will be just 8 songs. The band on previous releases have songs just in Italian or just in English and all this album it is mixed (instead of Ace of Spades there is also their song called Asshole´s Generation and T.N.T. which is cover from AC/DC). I have to say again that Italian language fits better to them because Alessandro´s vocal is rougher. You should expect rocky Oi! sound (which is not typical for Italian bands) and in the first song called FAVL (where the band introduce themselves as Viterbo Rock´n´Oi!) you may hear slide guitar. Great solos are also in Asshole´s Generation or in Etrusco. In the title song Prigioniero are listed classic Oi!/punk/rnr bands and their famous songs and albums plus there is passage with drums/bass and vocals. You may check it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dIp_GJiEIM&t=1s. Other songs are called Scoppio (Outbreak), Etrusco (with nice singalong refrain), Rumore (Noise) or (compared with the other songs) slower one Amarcord (which is title of Fellini´s film). Cover is in oldschool tattoo style – anchor and eagle (btw this is fourth album in a row with some kind of bird on the cover - Coldside, DDC and Hardsell :)). Songs are on same level and whole album is listening very well. If you like FAVL there is no time to hesitate in buying this album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.12.2017