Diamond Dogs - World Serpent

Rebellion Records - LP -

1309_DD_WS.jpgAfter their debut s/t EP and Eye of the Storm album came this Dutch band with brand new full length called World Serpent. Album will be ou on 24th November and it will be limited to 250 black and 250 royal blue copies. On LP you may check 8 songs in English and their titles prove band´s opinions – World Serpent, Stormwatch, A Nation in Ruins, Seeds of Destruction, Brute Force, Crown of Fire, Can´t Walk Away and Diamond Days. Band consists from veterans of Dutch HC scene so the music is harderd (but it is not hard-core). Their previous album were about medival times, heorism and values which are not trendy today and this album continues in this fact. Sound is dark and gloomy and vocals are rough…and I like it. I really like songs like Stormwatch (which is faster with nice guitar at the beginning), A Nation in Ruins which is slower and following Seeds of Destruction (with perfect drive caused by drums and bass from the start). In Brute Force is nice changing I nrhytms and Crown of Fire has catchy refrain. Cover is done by painter Johan Prenger, inside are lyrics and on the backside is band photo. If you like bands like Battle Ruins, Hammer and the Nails, Fuerza Bruta or Shipwrecked for example, this is music just for you – aggressive and without compromise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.11.2023

The Rogues - From the Dead End

Powerfist - LP -

1308_rogues_dead.jpgThe Rogues is one of the basic US bands (Detroit) from the late 80´s and first half of 90´s which is not need to introduce and which members are around bands like Rival, Almighty Lumberjacks of Death, Murder City Wrecks, etc… That´s why I was very happy that Toni and Powerfist released this compilation (which was released in 1989 on tape) on LP. On LP are 8 remestered song from the original demot tape plus two songs from compilation Maniacs From The Motor City (Bleed and Strike First). These songs are there twice but in different versions of the record. Some songs (Factory Line, Strike First, Corruption and Rogues) are on the Zero Street album, song Dead End appears on March of the Damned. Songs which are just here are Rather be Blind, Unemployment Blues and Cocaine which is cover from Rev. Garyho Davise with changed lyrics. This demo plus songs for compilation were recorded in four pieces but in booklet photos is band in five. Songs like Unemployment Blues, Factory Line or Dead End reflects reality of industrial Detroit, perfect is well-known song Strike First, which is about the fact that even if you don´t want to fight, there are people who provoke you to go out so knock´em down first. Bleed is about hated politicians whose lead people like sheeps to slaughterhouse, then comes Rogues which is anthem for all bad boys and Corruption about good old law that rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Inside is great booklet on A4 in zine format with history, two interviews, lyrics, band photos from gigs and studio and three postcards. LP is limited to 300 copies. I will not rate this because it is demo/compilation but it is absolutely perfect and I will recommend it to all who likes classic sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.11.2023

Day Drinker/The Gundown - Split EP

Rebellion Records - LP -

1307_dd_gun.jpgSix songs split LP of Gundown from Catalonia and Dutch Day Drinker. Gundown plas in three and you may know their members from bands like Vöndanikens, Serpent or Crim. Day Drinker plays in four and they were founded as a solo project of Ronny (The Reaperes, Crown Court, Discharger, etc...). In line up is guitarist Jane (Suicidal Taxi, Malad) who is also helping on vocals (like great tune called Blood, Flesh and Bones). All songs are in English. Gundown songs are Diamond Chains, New Direction and You´re Just Lonely, Day Drinker has there tunes called A348, Blood, Flesh and Bones and My Own Worst Enemy. Both bands play melodic punk rock like Street Dogs or Burning Streets and especially Gundown are really great because of their guitar solos. I really like their song New Direction. Day Drinker are faster and changing in male and female vocals is really cool and perfect and all three tunes are perfect. I like Blood, Flesh and Bones where Jane´s vocal is main one. LP is limited to 500 copies (250 white and 250 black) with lyrics and photos inside. This is really without mistake.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 03.11.2023

No Heart/Claimed Choice - split LP

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

1306_noheart_claimedchoice.jpgSplit LP of Canadians British Columbia based No Heart and French Claimed Choice from Lyon is out on Logshot/Rebellion cooperation in 250 copies on red wax for US customers and 250 copies on blue for Europe. Each version has little different graphics but each proclaim unity of France and Canada. Both bands have rich discography and experiences (especially No Heart). Each band has three songs there – No Heart´s songs are Hard Times, Echoes of Yesterday and Never Again. Claimed Choice has songs The Hill, Years of Hate a Dunning. Both bands draw inspiration from bovver rocku/glamu/mod beatu, guitar is not boostered too much and rhythm is faster - especially in Claimed Choice Dunning song with Chiswick Records touches. No Heart are slower little bit and more singalong and they rminds me their colleagues from Bishops Green. Claimed Choice are faster (song The Hill) and more straight forward. Inside is paper with lyrics. Fine split of fine bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.10.2023

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead 8 – Chaos in Nederland

Rebellion Records - LP -

1305_oad8.jpgAfter the compilations Oi! Made in Holland 1 (2005) and 2 (2013) Rebellion Records is coming with next compilation of Dutch bands. Together you may check 16 bands with 19 songs – most of them has there just one piece except City Riot, Bent Out of Shape and Bullbar. Other bands on compilation are On the Rampage, Diamond Dogs, The Young Ones, The Reapers, One Voice, Stealers, Armistice, Day Drinker, Complaint, Malad, Subrockers, Shortcuts and Live by the Sword for sure. Most of the bands have song in English (except Malad and their Dode Democratie). Bent Out of Shape has there also cover Sound of Sirens from Evil Conduct which is harder than original version. If you check the band list you will see that some bands are scene veterans who are not necessary to introduce but also freshmen (but for example Day Drinker is new band but with vets – more in the review on their split EP), who can get to more people thanks to this release. Bands are playing different styles (as usual on compilations like that one) so you may check melodic stuff ftom Day Drinker (with Jane on guitar who is helping with vocals and female vocals are almost always cool - song We All Must Die), Malad, The Young Ones (Dutch but not from Holland), Subrockers (Too Fast), The Reapers (Brave New World), One Voice (Cheers to You) or Bent Out Of Shape ( I like their vocal especially in Fan Bûgjen Frjemd), faster Shortcuts (Wasted Life), streetrock Stealers (Mean Man), chiswick/bovver rock Armistice (You Decide) to harder stuff like On the Rampage (Breaking Free), Diamond Dogs (City Boy), Bullbar (which I didn´t know and they are perfect - songs Safe for Tourists and Liquor Store), little clichéd City Riot (A Way of Life and Oi! At the Pub) to hardcore Complaint (No One Like Us) and almost metal LBTS (March or Die). All songs are previously unreleased in the time of the compilation release (November 2023). Graphics is similar to LP Chaos En France from 1983 which is underlined by same national colors of France and Nederland. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photos. Limited to 350 black copies and 250 orange ones. Nice cross-section of current scene in Nederlands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.10.2023