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New Squelette EP

x_1490_bigorna.jpgOn Bigorna Records is out new EP from French band Squelette called Tentaive d´Homicide (Attempted Homicide).
Author: Peddy  • Date: 18.09.2020

LP´s from Operace Artaban

x_1489_oa_vinyls.jpgIn September you may look forward to old albums from Operace Artaban which will be released on vinyls!
Author: Peddy  • Date: 12.08.2020

The latest reviews:

Albert Fish - Strongly Recommended

Zerowork Records - LP -

1228_ac_sr.jpgDebut album of Portuguese band Albert Fish is out on vinyl after 18 years. Single sided LP is on black was and it is limited to 200 copies and it is released on their home label Zerowork Records. Together you may check 9 songs (including instrumental piece Nothing instrumentálka) in English played by first line up of the band. In current line up remains just ne original member – bass player Rattus. Songs are remastered compared to previous CD version. Their music varies from melodic punk rock (songs Future, Alone or Sindelar) to faster HC songsa (Killing Time, Copycat Rebels or the last one Turning Point which has both attributes – melodic punk rock and HC). In Sindelar you may hear also acoustic guitar. Lyrics are about the fact that even you have some kind of nice promises the future will not be happy and easy (Future), melancholic Alone which is about tha fact that be alone and don´t care about the others is not always mistake or about the fact that you want to live in peace and free but the others didn´t let you (Wicked Scheme) or about so called rebels who are repeating given consume schemes (Copycat Rebels). Cover is done in similar way as on CD, on backside are lyrics, band photos and thankslist.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.09.2020

Squelette - Tentative d´Homicide

Bigorna Records - EP -

1227_squelette.jpgNew EP of this band from Paris called Squelette (Skeleton) can be translated like Homicide Attempt and you may check two songs on it. In band are people who arearound bands like Lion´s Law, Rixe, The Sultans etc... Band plays in classic four piece line up (vocals, guitar, bass and drums) with female on bass – Eve. Bigorna release EP in three versions (blue, red and black cover each limited to 123 copies) plus 23 test pressings with band photo on the cover. Songs are called Tentative d´Homicide and Passagers (Passengers). Musically it is rough French Oi” with the touch of classic bands from the 80´s but also newer bands like Oeil Pour Oeil. First song is really dark and hard and its title describes what is the song about (also the cover of EP deals with this topic and it is inspired by Jack the Ripper). At the end is some kind of interlunde followed by spoken vocal. Check the song here https://youtu.be/9DsDmyaYfOc. Second piece is more melodical (mainly refrain with deep choir in the background) and it is about life balancing of people after their thirties. At the end is again some kind of interlude. Graphics and the cover design is really great (but we know that Bigorna Records knows this very well). Whole cover is full of skeletons, skulls, spiders and webs. Paper with lyrics is cut into coffin shape and EP sleeve contains quote “nous les os qui sommes ici, attendons les vôtres” which is took from the entrance into d´Evora ossuary and it means something like “we bones who are here are waiting for you to join us.” There is also band photo and thankslist. Those who like the French sound check them for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 21.09.2020

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Hammer and the Nails


Author: Peddy  •  Date: 15.03.2017



Author: Peddy  •  Date: 23.01.2017

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x_440_laz.jpgInfo: Lazebnik