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The latest news:

New album from Bakers Dozen

x_1487_bd_frightener.jpgBalers Dozen have new album called Frightener in pipeline.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 08.03.2020

EP from Thumbscrew

x_1486_thumb.pngOn Askania Productions will be out EP from Spanish Thumbscrew called Strength of the Nation.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 10.01.2020

The latest reviews:

Concrete Elite - Absolute Guard

Rebellion/Oi! the Boat Records - LP -

1206_cd_guard.jpgAbsolute Guard is new single sided LP of this steam roller bunch from Austin, Texas which is out in 500 copies (150 black and 350 silver). Together you may check 5 songs on side A on circa 12 minutes. Songs are called Maximum Force, Outsiders (https://youtu.be/mJCZsu-FS2c), Death Comes Knocking, Knife Edge and 2000 Tons. On side B is silkscreen picture of rose in barbed wire. Now what should you expect – simple all you want from Concrete Elite – hard cover vocals, heavy guitars and drums of war which lead this insane machine straight forward like in Mad Max movie (just check the end of the first song). Songs are not so long (three are under two minutes). I really like Death Comes Knocking (with perfect main riff) and Knife Edge where singer Manny shouts really nice :). It is simple brickwall Oi! which I really love. Inside is paper with lyrics (or their fragments). If you like their previous records and records of Concrete just check this album because they are still standing in their hard line.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.03.2020

v/a - Worldwide Viking Rock 2

Vikingarock France Records - LP -

1205_vaviking2.jpgFirst review of 2020 will be compilation called Worldvide Viking Rock 2 which is out on CD and LP through Vikingarock France. Bands which are here are bands in which play Ari so on this issue it is bands such as Mtorr, Rockarska and Seppä Ilmarinen. Then you may listen to French band Carcereduro, Spanish Drakkar and Swedes Vindvak and Hednaljus. Instead of song Faravid from Seppä Ilmarinen and stuff from Carcereduro - Chevaliers Templiers and Napoléon Et Sa Grande Armée are all songs new. Songs from Carcereduro are in new version. Together you may check 12 songs and Seppä Ilmarinen and Mtorr has there just one piece, other bands have two songs. Perfect is that most bands are singing in their native language so you may check mixture of French, Swedish, Spanish, Finnish and English also. After the first hearing I really recommend both Swedish bands. Vindvak are known because they have EP released on Powerfist and in their first song Skogsfrun you amy hear also keyboards and Hednaljus (according to the photo they have two members but due to info on their web they are playing in three). I was quite surprised by Rockarska and their first song Rock Hard for Norden, their second song The Norhtern Lands is in typical marching rhythm of Ari´s projects. Stuff from Drakkar are in slower rhythm. As I wrote above album is out on CD and LP and inside is paper with lyrics and band photos. Cool compilation which is introducing known and not so known Viking rock bands from Europe. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.02.2020

The latest interviews:

Hammer and the Nails


Author: Peddy  •  Date: 15.03.2017



Author: Peddy  •  Date: 23.01.2017

The latest gigs:

x_439_streetkids.jpgInfo: SK Party

x_438_lal.pngInfo: !!!