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The latest news:

New album from Unite Against Society

x_1492_uas.jpgUnite Against Society are going to release their fourth album in DIY style on digital platforms but also on LP.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 25.01.2021

EP from Bent out of Shape

x_1491_boos.jpegOn Demons Run Amok will be out EP from Dutch band Bent out of Shape.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 26.10.2020

The latest reviews:

Diamond Dogs - World Serpent

Rebellion Records - LP -

1309_DD_WS.jpgAfter their debut s/t EP and Eye of the Storm album came this Dutch band with brand new full length called World Serpent. Album will be ou on 24th November and it will be limited to 250 black and 250 royal blue copies. On LP you may check 8 songs in English and their titles prove band´s opinions – World Serpent, Stormwatch, A Nation in Ruins, Seeds of Destruction, Brute Force, Crown of Fire, Can´t Walk Away and Diamond Days. Band consists from veterans of Dutch HC scene so the music is harderd (but it is not hard-core). Their previous album were about medival times, heorism and values which are not trendy today and this album continues in this fact. Sound is dark and gloomy and vocals are rough…and I like it. I really like songs like Stormwatch (which is faster with nice guitar at the beginning), A Nation in Ruins which is slower and following Seeds of Destruction (with perfect drive caused by drums and bass from the start). In Brute Force is nice changing I nrhytms and Crown of Fire has catchy refrain. Cover is done by painter Johan Prenger, inside are lyrics and on the backside is band photo. If you like bands like Battle Ruins, Hammer and the Nails, Fuerza Bruta or Shipwrecked for example, this is music just for you – aggressive and without compromise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.11.2023

The Rogues - From the Dead End

Powerfist - LP -

1308_rogues_dead.jpgThe Rogues is one of the basic US bands (Detroit) from the late 80´s and first half of 90´s which is not need to introduce and which members are around bands like Rival, Almighty Lumberjacks of Death, Murder City Wrecks, etc… That´s why I was very happy that Toni and Powerfist released this compilation (which was released in 1989 on tape) on LP. On LP are 8 remestered song from the original demot tape plus two songs from compilation Maniacs From The Motor City (Bleed and Strike First). These songs are there twice but in different versions of the record. Some songs (Factory Line, Strike First, Corruption and Rogues) are on the Zero Street album, song Dead End appears on March of the Damned. Songs which are just here are Rather be Blind, Unemployment Blues and Cocaine which is cover from Rev. Garyho Davise with changed lyrics. This demo plus songs for compilation were recorded in four pieces but in booklet photos is band in five. Songs like Unemployment Blues, Factory Line or Dead End reflects reality of industrial Detroit, perfect is well-known song Strike First, which is about the fact that even if you don´t want to fight, there are people who provoke you to go out so knock´em down first. Bleed is about hated politicians whose lead people like sheeps to slaughterhouse, then comes Rogues which is anthem for all bad boys and Corruption about good old law that rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Inside is great booklet on A4 in zine format with history, two interviews, lyrics, band photos from gigs and studio and three postcards. LP is limited to 300 copies. I will not rate this because it is demo/compilation but it is absolutely perfect and I will recommend it to all who likes classic sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.11.2023

The latest interviews:

Hammer and the Nails


Author: Peddy  •  Date: 15.03.2017



Author: Peddy  •  Date: 23.01.2017